Spectrum of Life

Life’s constantly on “The Move”. It moves from one shade to another, diffusing through each and mixing up in the next- smoothly! It carries its traces and marks along, but, for a very short period of time. Gradually the newer or lets say the prevailing color of life is ‘all’ that you know of. You live in it, with it and by it, forgetting every past color the life had once painted itself in. Seems as if life had been the same since forever.

But none of them is natural as none of them is everlasting. Sometimes it’s RED- the all demanding and challenging. You face the challenges of life in an upright manner, not being at ease until you have been through. You never enjoy being in it. The tests are hard but one thing that you are sure of is that it will move on.
Then all of a sudden it could twist to THE GREENS- bright, fresh and new. Like a morning start you are at the beginning of a new chapter. Everything seems passionate. You have new dreams to aim for, new ideas to think for and new offers to accept from life. It could be a business career, a new home, some new university or maybe just a new phase of life. Each step is exciting and full of some new notes.
The color I love the most is of YELLOWS and ORANGES- perky and enthused!!! In these moments of life everything is hyped! Engulfed in the excites life offers, you want to fly higher and higher, reaching for the skies. Nothing matters at the moment- only to aim for more. It’s really beautiful in its own way. It makes some life-long memories that one could cherish forever.
And then there are THE BLUES– calm and deep. When life teaches you a lesson and you are not ready to move on… you learn to listen to yourself mostly. you discover the ‘yes and no’s’ of within. You learn to actually learn about yourself. The depths you carry are unleashed and you become your own best friend. But so, it moves on.
Speaking of BLACKS- a MUST color to everyone’s life, is all gloomy, dark and hopeless. The tragedies that occur in everyone’s life indicate this phase. A loss of a loved one, a failure in career, important exam, a bankruptcy or any other calamity- they all set one’s life to zero. It’s all so sorrowful that hopes vanish. Seems like everything’s finished and there would not be anything better again.
WHITES- peaceful and soft. When the melody is set to a running note in a smooth soft pattern and everything seems to be just alright. You wish that life continues the same way and pray that no harm ever follows. It’s usually in a good manner that life moves on. But then again like every other shade of life, this shade is also very short-lived and it changes……..

What I find intriguing is, like all these colors make a spectrum when combined, the same way all the phases when interact with each other make The Move, which we all are a part of.Life_



  1. Moniba · October 22, 2014

    You haven’t lost your touch 😉
    And I agree with what you have written.
    Although…. black is a strong colour too 🙂

    • vibrantmirage · October 23, 2014

      Now that is an encouragement, thanks 🙂
      Ofcourse you can have many other interpretitions other than those written..they are just my thoughts . Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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