Charisma of “The Night”

It was a chilled misty night,
When soft whispering winds blew,
I glanced up at the open sky,
And felt my soul turn so blue.
It happens in a while or so,
When it seems the World’s lost you!
When all the bright thoughts fade away,
The vows of the world seem so untrue..
I searched as I trampled on the slush,
If the vagueness around could offer some clue.
Something that could reason me to live,
Something that could turn my world new!
Perhaps if I would come upon
Any shimmer which could lighten up the hue..
I was about to revoke my futile search,
When suddenly a reflection on the lakeside brew..
I held my breath and moved ever so slow,
My eyes made captive by a fascinating view.
My hopes flickered and the vision penetrated…
Deep inside me new faith grew.
The moonlight made my dull hopes vivid,
Astounding me were flawless angels in a queue..
Their pure figures in state of litany,
Reflecting the nature’s best virtue..
I couldn’t help but bow down in thankfulness..
As God chose me to be among the blessed few!


Reflections of “THEY” on “ME”

They say: “Who are you?”
I say: “Yet undiscovered”
They say: “You are without fame”
I say: “In the hearts of whom I love, I am the most famous”
They say: “You are too Islam following”
I say: “Oh please!save me in Aakhirah by quoting this to my Lord!”
They say: “It’s a shame you are ignorant of these brands”
I say: “Ask me of the ever lasting brands, I will out face you”
They say: “You are too emotional”
I say: “Emotions are given to me to be put into best use”
They say: “You are too young;not big enough to hang around”
I say: “I am thankful; being the youngest, I can compete you all”
They say: “You are not wealthy enough”
I say: “Wealth is unworthy to buy the eternal peace I possess”
They say: “You have no degree to distinguish you”
I say: “I have the knowledge to enlighten my dark grave”
They say: “World seeks beauty, you have NONE”
I say: “Wise seek soul, I have a complete ONE…”

[‘THEY” actually make ‘ME’, shape ‘ME’, carve ‘ME’, frame ‘ME’…. … and so.. “I” come to the fore..!! ]


Inspire. What inspires you? Dreams? Wealth? Fame? Happiness? Luxuries? Love? Or….yourself?
Inspirations are powers. Those powers which help you set your destinies. Those powers which help you be the person you want to be. A well destined life depends upon inspirations. People are inspired by countless things. For me, inspirations are.. my inner capabilities. Inspirations are “myself”. Sometimes, I am just simply amazed by what I am- what I can do- what life extracted from me, from my personality. At different phases of life, I got to know what really ‘myself’ contains. And… THAT-IS-AN-INSPIRATION-FOR-ME!!!
My life, my personality helps me drive my way .I get inspired by my strengths. My inner self takes me off guard at times, by showing me what I am! Sometimes, I take many things for granted. But, in real, they are the gifts, the nature has blessed me with and each and every thought, each and every action of mine which helps me know myself are a source of “INSPIRATION” for me..!